Haridas Movie Review

Not always does a film come to leave you with a smile on your face and a lump in your throat.  This year, we were happy to have Haridas, a film which took us to a nuance of a family entertainer. A near-perfect product by any standard, Haridas shined despite its quiet arrival and a half as famous cast.

When the subject of the film is autism, everyone puts up a frown and moves away from it. Many feel that the film would be preachy, hurting and have a depressing ending. Haridas slaps these thoughts, right across the face.

GNR Kumaravelan, who failed to click big with Ninaithale Inikkum and Yuvan Yuvathi, strikes gold here. With a simple story coupled with intelligent and convincing screenplay which rarely keeps you bored, Haridas is an epitome of how a movie on this subject should be made.

Coming to performances, it is Kishore and the little kid who walk away with all the merits. Kishore excels in his two-faced role both as a smart cop and a loving father of a ‘special child’. Hats off to the little kid Pritviraj Das for flawlessly portraying the role of an autistic child. Being an ordinary kid in real life, he has come to terms with the character beautifully to essay out this role. Sneha who walks in as the kind school teacher, is at full swing when it comes to emotions. Tamil Cinema badly misses ‘actresses’ like her, we’re in a world flushed with good looking models. The supporting cast too, consisting of Parotta Soori and the others, are well etched out and enacted.

Music by Vijay Antony is apt, especially the songs ‘Police’ and ‘Annaiyin Karuvil’ which are good both lyrically and musically. Rathnavelu’s camera catches the eye, kudos to him for bringing out the emotions through the looking glass.

On the flipside, Haridas’ negatives would be the comic portions in the first half or the prolonged climax. However, all is well when we have an end product of this caliber.

I’m going in with all praise for Haridas. It’s a must watch by any means. Good films like this don’t find a long run in this industry, so catch it before it flies away.

Verdict : Impactful comeback from Kumaravelan. Go for it!

3.5 / 5 

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