Aaha Kalyanam Movie Review

Yash Raj Films make their first stride into the south, with Aaha Kalyanam which is the official remake of the Hindi hit Band Baaja Baaraat. Starring Nani and Vaani Kapoor in the lead, the movie is directed by newcomer Gokul Krishna with music by Dharan.

Aaha Kalyanam is the fun filled episode of how Shakti and Shruti meet, greet, fight and unite with a wedding planning business as their motive.

Sticking to the script of the original, the director has played it safe by carving out a replica of the Hindi version. However, he has ensured that the movie is bright and colorful to provide a glitzy treat to the eyes. Most of the movie is concentrated on the lead pair, who share a surprisingly good chemistry between them. The feel good factor is maintained till the very end without spoiling the essence of the movie.
Aaha Kalyanam’s biggest strength is the male lead Nani, who comes out with a bubbly performance. His Telugu-ish Tamil diction brings out instant chuckles at times, both intentionally and otherwise. Vaani Kapoor is beau, and is compelling enough for the role. The rest of the cast fit the bill, notably Badawa Gopi as the flower vendor. Technically, the movie is in the swim with hunky-dory camera and passable editing. Nevertheless, the movie does boast of some good production values and great wardrobes. Dharan’s music is another plus, even though there are an overdose of songs in the first half. The Punch Song gets lucky with glittery picturisation.
On the downside, Aaha Kalyanam pays heed to a few dull moments in the second half and a slightly alien feeling overall due to the esoteric casting. Yet, it does leave you with a smile at the end and for sure is a remake which stays faithful to the original.
Verdict : Jolly rom-com which is good fun while it lasts.
2.5 / 5

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