Anjaan Music Review

Anjaan brings back the exciting combo of Lingusamy and Yuvan Shankar who gave us the superb Paiyaa. This time for the elder brother, fans of Yuvan have been waiting for a flawless album since long. Without wasting any more time, let’s get to the songs right away.

Bang Bang Bang : Singer : Ranjith, Lyrics : Karky 

An absolutely rocking start to the album, incidentally taken over by the use of rock guitars. The song gets onto you in a jiffy, Ranjith’s voice is an apt choice. The Arabian interlude is a scream, as this song’s lyrics stresses on glorifying Raju Bhai and his activities. The backgrounds have been planned with a lot of thought deviated to the theme of the film. With stylish visuals, this sure will be a treat onscreen.

Oru Kan Jaadai : Singers : Benny Dayal, Shweta Pandit, Lyrics : Viveka 

Yuvan picks up the energetic vocals of Benny Dayal for this one, and it pays off big time. A light rock song with intuited  drum orchestrations, Oru Kan Jaadai is a track where the vocals and music complement each other very well. Viveka’s words cause no harm to the song, making a foot tapping track on the whole.

Ek Do Theen Chaar : Singers : Suriya, Andrea Jeremiah, Lyrics : Na.Muthukumar

The most expected track in the album is here, paving way to Suriya himself on the mic. Doubtlessly a party at the big screens, this track which has been filmed colorfully is a celebration. Though Suriya’s voice doesn’t have the vibe of a mainstream singer, it has enough to fit into the mood of the song. The instrumentation is mainly kuthu-based with a tune that sounds northern.

Kaadhal Aasai : Singer : Yuvan Shankar Raja, Sooraj Santhosh, Lyrics : Kabilan 

The long wait for a slow and addictive number has ended. Yuvan keeps it simple with the use of instruments such as light chings, tabla and only gets innovative for the interludes. The rendition is near perfect, and this song does remind us of his earlier hit solos such as Yedho Onnu ( Paiyaa ) and Pogadhe ( Deepavali ). Such a beautiful number, with lyrics which are as good as the vocals.

Siripu En : Singer : MM.Manasi, Lyrics : Viveka

A pedestrian item number from Yuvan. Though we have Manasi with her suave rendering, this song stays secondary compared to the caliber of music enjoyed throughout the album so far. The instrumentations are adequate, thereby ending the album on a par state.

Composing music for a big star film is no easy job, and Yuvan is undoubtedly a king pick if you want a stellar album for your movie. The coveted Lingusamy-Yuvan combo is back, bringing out an album which takes the centre stage on all mediums. Tea stalls, radio stations and iPods will blaze away with these songs, as the true talent in the composer has come out once again. Anjaan is an album replete with hit numbers, we have a winner here!

Pick : Kadhal Aasai

Pure chartbuster material.

3 / 5

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