Bramman Movie Review

The people’s favorite, Sasikumar picked a different route this time by teaming up with newbie Socrates in Brahman. With Lavanya Tripathi, Santhanam, Soori and Jayaprakash alongside Sasikumar, the movie has music by Devi Sri Prasad.

Brahman is the story of how two friends who are separated in childhood reunite through their journey in the tinsel town.

The movie begins with a buttload of cliche, where you only survive thanks to the comic relief provided by Santhanam. The positive vibes which Sasikumar induced in his previous films is nowhere to be seen here, as he is offered no room for performance. The heroine is a doll, both in her looks and in the acting department. Into the second half, and Brahman turns into an indefinite drag, with Soori replacing Santhanam. The climax is the savior, in the absence of which people would have ended up cursing the movie to their heart’s content.
There is nothing much to speak about the performances either, cos here we have a movie in which even a talented performer like Sasikumar is made to dance to tepid songs with absolutely horrid moves. No comments on the guy who plays  Sasikumar’s friend. Bramman falls on the technical side too, especially cinematography where we have a few shots which can be identified as blurry even by a 10 year old. Music and BGM by DSP just pass muster.
The whole of Bramman is peppered with lame buffoonery, as one pleads for something interesting to pop up. Almost nothing works in favour of the film until the very end, where it obviously gets too late. Brahman is a forgettable film for Sasikumar, and the exact opposite of what we usually get when he is in the picture.
Verdict : Sasikumar’s modern makeover rolls up into a cornball. A total yawnfest!
1 / 5

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