Endrendrum Punnagai Movie Review

After offering a decent thriller in Vaamanan, director Ahmed returns to wield the megaphone for the second time with Endrendrum Punnagai. Starring Jiiva, Trisha, Vinay, Santhanam and Nasser in the leads, the movie has music by Harris Jayaraj and cinematography by Madhie.

Endrendrum Punnagai is the story of three friends Gautham (Jiiva), Sree (Vinay) and Baby (Santhanam). The incidents taking place in Gautham’s life and the way it affects their friendship and family relations form the crux.

The thick bond formed between the three friends is portrayed in a fun filled manner at the start of the movie, right from the childhood portions. All through the first half, different aspects on friendship, love and marriage are explored through the viewpoints of the main characters. Santhanam’s comic timing does keep the first half going with a light hearted flow. The second half is where Endrendrum Punnagai ventures far into the storyline, as the relationships between the different characters are shown in an impressive manner. The chemistry between Jiiva and Trisha is splendid as they are a treat to the eyes in the song sequences. The final 30 minutes of the movie are a huge strength, and it can be said that a few tears would drop down here.

Performance wise, Jiiva comes up with a stellar show. He looks bright onscreen with the cute guy makeover. Trisha looks angelic and ends up being one of the pulling factors for the film. Vinay Rai does make a noticeable comeback. Santhanam’s one liners work wonders and manage to bring the house down when they do. At the same time, his jokes fall flat at some instances leading to a few dull moments. Nasser is diplomatic in his role, as there is not much fault you can find in his acts. Andrea as the supermodel is a good choice, but her role doesn’t boast big. The supporting cast fit the bill.

Endrendrum Punnagai is a colorful movie. Credit must go the cinematographer for capturing the rich side of Chennai and the beauty of Europe with ease. The movie also boasts of superb wardrobes for the main leads. Editing is fine.

Harris Jayaraj scores big time, as both the music and the BGM gel wonderfully with the tone of the movie, making it an absolute musical treat. However, the Kadal Naan Dhan number is a patience tester.

Except for a few lewd and inane comic scenes, Ahmed has put his efforts into Endrendrum Punnagai to make it a fresh film to watch. The concept of blending friendship, love and ego has worked here. Rom-coms are always fun and this one is no less.

Verdict : Rich and vibrant romantic entertainer which manages to meet expectations.

3.5 / 5

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