Irumbu Kuthirai Movie Review

Amongst a flurry of young directors making notable debuts comes Yuvaraj Bose, with a film with bikes as its backdrop. Irumbu Kuthirai is Atharvaa’s next outing after the highly coveted Paradesi which bought him tons of appreciation and accolades. So I walked into the film with zero expectations. This is what hit me.

So mister Yuvaraj Bose had an excellent actor in Atharvaa. Two gorgeous girls. A fierce villain. A big budget and a strong technical team. And then, he comes up with this. Irumbu Kuthirai is one of those films with everything going right only until the director decides to screw it all up. To be frank, the story is something with decent potential to be carved into a good movie. But it is the director’s shoddy screenplay and amateurish execution which makes a mockery out of all the goodies given to him. Right from the first frame, you can look for novelty with a magnifying glass and you’ll still fail badly in finding it. Be it the comic scenes or the romantic track, there is absolutely nothing which will widen your eyebrows except for the premise. The story moves in all predictability, except for the last 20 minutes which is your consolation prize for spending an hour and a half, squirming in your seat.

If you clicked on my review and expected to find the plot of Irumbu Kuthirai, read here – Atharvaa is a cold footed biker. Why and how does he turn into a skilled biker? Well, that’s about it.

Priya Anand is cute, Lakshmi Rai is hawt, Jegan is funny at times and Devadarshini emotes beautifully. With a cast like this, one does realize the heights this film could have gone to aided by some smart paperwork and level headed treatment. But that is a far cry. Quoting examples, there is an emotional scene just when the mercury seems to be rising. Atharvaa starts the bike, a song begins. Atharvaa stops the bike, the song ends. In fact, here is one movie where all the five songs are of no use to the main script. The fight between the protagonist and the villain at the end is so forced, the IQ of a 5 year old is sufficient to arrive at the final result. I felt like waiting for the marks of an exam where I had just written my name on the answer paper.

One of the things I’m really waiting to talk about is the music of the film. Except for Ange Ippo Enna Seigiraai, there is not one track in the film which is watchable onscreen. The songs don’t even have an iota of innovation in them, for I really wished to have someone hand over a remote to me. The background score is directly ripped from the prized compositions of Hans Zimmer and Skrillex. Sample this, the very first shot of the movie has ‘Lost but Won’ from Rush playing in the background. Give this man a medal.

So is there something that actually works in Irumbu Kuthirai? Yes. In technicalities, the film is lion range. Cinematography by RB.Gurudhev is stunning with a Hollywood-ish color tone and bright visuals. Gopi Amarnath has been roped in for the action sequences and he too has done complete justice to bring out the best with the camera in hand. Credits to the editor for trimming down the film to a crispy two hours, with interesting transitions and flash cuts. These are the saving graces of this iron horse, kudos guys!

Films like Irumbu Kuthirai don’t get me red. They disappoint me, for what a wasted opportunity they turn out to be. People don’t come to the theatres to see six pac abs, colorful songs and speeding bikes. They come to films of these types with just one notion – to forget the outside world for a couple of hours and get ‘entertained’. Irumbu Kuthirai is nowhere close to that.

Corroded bike.

2 / 5

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