Ivan Vera Madhri Movie Review

As 2013 walks towards the door, Kollywood has a few films to offer before the year comes to a close. Vikram Prabhu and ‘Engeyum Eppodhum’ Saravanan come together for their second  with Ivan Vera Madhri, produced by UTV and Thirrupathi Brothers. With newcomer Surabhi as the female lead and Vamsi Krishna, Ganesh Venkatram in the cast, Ivan Vera Madhri has camera by Shakthi and music by C.Sathya.

Ivan Vera Madhri brings about the story of a common man who decides to set a few things straight in the society.

The movie begins slowly and takes its own time to groove in. The director depicts his talent in stitching in the comic love portions with the main storyline. The first half progresses at a good pace and ends satisfyingly.

The screenplay does take a dip as we move into the second half, but the presence of a few neatly drawn out scenes do bring the attention of the viewer back to square one. The pre-climax and climax are the assets of the film, as it ends on a convincing note.

Talk about performances, and it is a decent second outing for Vikram Prabhu. Contrary to his rustic role in Kumki, he brings out the image of a city youngster here. He has to however, work on his dancing. Surabhi emotes pretty well in both the romantic and the emotional portions and is a good find for the industry. Vamsi Krishna as the villain is stiff, while Ganesh Venkatram puts up a good show while he stays.

Cinematography by the newbie Shakthi is impressive. A few shots in the first half really deserve some appreciation. Technically fine as bringing in Sreekar Prasad for the cuts has worked to an extent.

Music by C.Sathya is mediocre with just two songs standing out. BGM is good enough.

After a fully romantic journey with Engeyum Eppodhum, Saravanan’s yearn to make a sensible action thriller is felt here. Even though the movie does beat around at the bush at critical moments, the end product is above par.  He must be lauded for making a convincing action movie which is devoid of commercial elements, crass comedy and loud songs. Had a tad bit of care been taken to devise a screenplay which would have been more engaging, Ivan Vera Madhri would have set high standards.

Verdict : Smart and simple action thriller, crafted for the classy viewer.

3 / 5

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