Kochadaiiyaan Movie Review

Performance Capture Technology. Last seen in films such as Avatar and Tintin, it is now brought to our lands at the helm of Soundarya Rajnikanth and her team, in the name of Kochadaiiyaan. One cannot ask for a better lead for this first than the Superstar, as the sea of his fans get to see their hero in yet another tone.

Kochadaiiyaan is the epic saga of a commanding leader of the same name, and his legacy settling scores with the opponents. The movie begins (in ARR’s voice-over) with Rana’s ( Rajnikanth ) heroics, unveils its twists about a late chief ( Rajni again ), and brings itself to its final stage with a bang, ending in style.

Since this is a photo-realistic film, the performances had to be carried out within 4 walls, and that has been executed to near perfection by the veterans onboard. Rajnikanth’s trademark style and mannerisms are recreated to an extent, as one notices that the maximum amount of graphical attention has been awarded to the Superstar. Thalaivar’s voice is magic, and that is one reason why it is so heartening to watch him in any format possible. Performance wise, the artists have fit their bills, yet we ponder over how their natural expressions (especially the eyes) have not been brought out onscreen. Deepika in particular, is a joke.

The characters are captured in unique angles, with a special mention going to the fight scenes. Editing by Anthony is crisp, as he had to ensure the right cuts at the right places to avoid drags. Costumes are well etched, colorful and bright. Fight choreography is a lynchpin in a movie of this genre, and that has been taken care off in good proportions. Not to forget Resul Pookutty’s realistic sound design, especially his work at the war scenes deserves an applause.

AR.Rahman’s music plays a pivotal role in the film, as his BGM induces goosebumps at many places, thereby pushing the film to the next level. Claps to his sounds in Deepika’s stunt sequence and the Shiva Thaandavam snippets. The songs have been picturised with fancy ideas, yet act as speed breakers in the second half.

If Rajnikanth is the Superman onscreen, it is KS.Ravikumar who stands in those shoes behind the screen.  His paperwork is top notch, specially the screenplay which possesses very few dull moments. Though the story isn’t a big bash, it is the screenplay which is well balanced with romantic, senti and thrill-filled happenings along with enough and more mass moments for the fans to cheer about. Soundarya’s direction is apt, and the duo must be lauded for their creative ideas at many instants. Had this been an actual film, it would have touched the skies.

Kochadaiiyaan is by far a new attempt in Indian Cinema, and credit goes to the humongous crew for this film, which carves a new benchmark. However, the animation is a big flaw for the film, as it cracks a crater in its final show. Spare a thought since it’s the first time, and go watch this spectacle for it does speak of some superb popcorn entertainment.

Verdict : A grand parade led by the terrific Thalaivar, brought down by the animation.

3.5 / 5

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