Pattathu Yaanai Movie Review

After kicking off the year with Samar, Vishal is here for the second time in 2013 with Pattathu Yaanai. Produced by Michael Rayyapan and directed by G.Boopathy Pandian, Pattathu Yaanai has Aishwariya Arjun, Santhanam, Jegan, John Vijay etc alongside Vishal. Music is by Thaman Sai while the camera is handled by S.Vaithy.

Pattathu Yaanai is the story of a common man who rises up to the challenge thrown against him.

The movie starts off with Santhanam being introduced as Gouravam, a caterer. Vishal and his friends arrive at the scene to aid Santhanam in his cookery chores. The premise moves to Trichy, where Vishal, Santhanam and his group plan to set up a hotel. Comic scenes entangled, we have the incidents with Aishwariya Arjun too stitched in. A series of events leads to Vishal locking horns with one of the dons in the city. A story is revealed at the interval block, from where the movie progresses on.

Into the second half, and we have more of the so-called story and less of comedy. Lots of new characters are introduced with John Vijay propelling himself as the comic villain. A cat and mouse game follows, and how Vishal pulls himself out of these troubles is what Pattathu Yaanai is all about.

Vishal is fine in his acts, but one puts up the question as to when he will come back with a thumping film, just like his Thimiru. The lead actress Aishwariya Arjun is bland, just a walking doll. She needs to learn a lot, especially to dance and a ‘debut’ is all that can be said about her. The supporting artists are okay, but the villains are damp squibs, especially the guy who flexes his abs at the end.

If there is one man who might save this movie from a dump, it is Santhanam. Even though the much talked about dual role is nowhere to be seen, Santhanam keeps us smiling whenever he appears onscreen. Some of his jokes in the first half do crack pick you up.

Nothing new in the musical department from Thaman, and the BGM which is done by Sabesh Murali is mediocre too. There are just three fight scenes in the movie, but they are well choreographed by Anal Arasu. Technically, Pattathu Yaanai is satisfying, but I would have loved to say something nice here.

We have seen tons of commercial entertainers in the past, and Pattathu Yaanai is yet another one in the list. Boopathy Pandian has a fine outing here, but it just isn’t enough with the current trend of movies passing on. Pattathu Yaanai fails to deliver something out of the bag, so watch it if you have nothing else to do over the weekend. An average film in all aspects.

Verdict : This yaanai isn’t mighty.

1.5 / 5

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