Raja Rani Movie Review

Amidst the slow waves in Kollywood these days comes Raja Rani, Atlee Kumar’s first step as a director. Starring Arya, Nayanthara, Santhanam, Jai, Nazriya and Sathyaraj in lead roles, it has music by GVP and camera by George C Williams.

Raja Rani is the story of a couple forced into marriage and the consequences and inside stories that took place.

Going by what the trailer showed, one can easily guess the story of Raja Rani. But there is much more to it. Right from the first scene of the Arya-Nayan wedding, the movie progresses at a speed good enough to keep you pinned to the screen. Even though we have to go through some comical scenes which do not tickle our funny bone, Atlee’s commendable paperwork does do the job, to an extent. While the first half concentrates on the episodes between Jai and Nayanthara, the second talks about the Arya-Nazriya story, which is followed by a well-etched final 30 minutes.

Coming to performances, and it is the girls who steal the show. Nayanthara does cast a spell with her emotional acts, while Nazriya is super bubbly and cute. Arya does look a bit statue at places, but he does keep in line with what was expected from him. Jai on the other hand, does shadow off a little bit into the overacting circle. Nevertheless, his performance is one which is most enjoyed by the audience. Santhanam does manage to crack you up from time to time but Sathyaraj is a surprise package. Kudos to Atlee for sketching out some really distinct characters and stitching them in beautifully.

Every shot in Raja Rani is a beauty. George C Williams has done a classy job with the camera, his color tones for the song sequences and the camera angles for the movie overall are a eye-catching spectacle. Editing and other aspects are well done too.

Music is another asset of Raja Rani, GV.Prakash’s songs do fit in well as they are aided by pretty good picturisations. His BGM, especially in the Jai-Nayan episode is a treat to the ears.

On the downside, Raja Rani does drag around a bit here and there. You might feel the inclusion of unwanted scenes from time to time, but that doesn’t bring the movie to a halt.

Atlee Kumar manages to come out with a decent show on his first shot. He succeeds in the emotional scenes more than anything else, while receiving good support from his artists. Raja Rani will leave you with a good feeling, while showcasing the realistic truth about love.

Verdict : An emotional journey which is good fun while it lasts.

3.5 / 5

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