Rummy Movie Review

The first month of 2014 ends with Rummy, a rural romantic drama starring Vijay Sethupathi, Inigo, Soori, Gayathri and Aishwariya in the lead. Imman scores the music while Balakrishnan wields the megaphone.

Rummy is the romantic episode of two friends, Shakthi and Joseph in the backdrop of a village.

Set in 1987, the movie begins with the intro of the main characters, comic scenes with Soori and the love portions. All the scenes take place in and around a college. The snippets of the strict family are shown too.

Into the second half, and the rift between the family and the pairs are brought to the forefront. A few unfortunate events take place, what goes where thereafter is what Rummy is all about.

Coming to performances, and it is Vijay Sethupathy and Gayathri who score. Vijay Sethupathy has underplayed his role to perfection, offering more screen space to Inigo who doesn’t liven up the happenings. Gayathri is the better of the two among the girls, as she hits the right note with her expressions. Aishwariya is just about fine. Comedian Soori does manage to tickle the funny bone this time, good show. The rest of the cast do their roles alright.
Technically, Rummy is convincing, with good cinematography capturing the rural locations beautifully, especially in the songs. Editing is on the note.
Music by D.Imman adds a huge strength to the film. His exciting BGM helps the movie till the very end.
Rummy is an attempt to make another Subramaniapuram. However, it falls short of what it intends, as it takes slow strides more importantly in the second half. The highly filmic climax is a letdown. Had the director taken care to ensure a screenplay which was gripping, this could have gone heights. Unfortunately, what starts off with fun and romance ends up as a mockfest towards the end.

Verdict : Rustic, realistic, but not riveting. Strict one time watch.

2 / 5

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