Thirudan Police Movie Review

Films on father-son relationships in Tamil cinema are abundant, and Thirudan Police is the latest addition to the long list. Though this is a tried and tested formula, debutant director Caarthick Raju comes up with a novel screenplay which keeps the viewer engaged for most parts.

Thirudan Police starts off with Attakathi Dinesh being projected as a wastrel, who steals money from his dad’s pocket and creates havoc by picking a fight with a neighbour. Dinesh has no respect or affection for his father (Rajesh) who is introduced as a honest police constable who lives up to his name. A play of politics inside the department, and Rajesh is planned and murdered by a local goon. Dinesh gets the job of the constable thanks to the kind hearted higher official (Aadukalam Naren), and from thereon, Thirudan Police is the story of how Dinesh avenges his father’s killers.

Although Thirudan Police begins on a predictable note and a dash of melodrama, it slowly turns into an interesting film which doesn’t let you squirm. One may find faults with the love tracks or dragged action sequences, but otherwise, this is a film with its own share of comedy, entertainment, sentiments and what not. The director saves his best for last, offering a final 30 minutes where the heads of the cast come together to create a laugh riot. Kudos to director Caarthick Raju for coming up with a different climax, contrary to other films where the screenplay paves way to the stunts.

Attakathi Dinesh might just be the right pick for the role, as the script demanded a hero who looked just enough convincing to play a constable. Emotions come very easily to him, and he is able to depict a variety of expressions onscreen. Ishwarya Rajesh is a neat heroine, but one does have the doubt whether the film really needed a love track. But the show stealers in Thirudan Police are Naan Kadavul Rajendran and John Vijay who bring the roof down with their timely comics. Their dialogues in the climax will surely stay in your head once you walk out of the cinema hall. Apart from them, Thirudan Police boasts of some impressive performances from veterans like Aadukalam Naren and Rajesh. Even SPB’s cameo, comes at an important point and is likable too.

Technically, the film has decent cinematography, added with bright DI. The crisp editing does not let the film wander at any point, at a runtime of two hours and a quarter. Music by Yuvan is peppy, as it becomes enjoying coming with acceptable song placements. The composer has seriously tried out something new for the background score, as it ups the ante of the film, be it the serious portions or the comic ones.

Caarthick Raju must be lauded for his matured dealing of the script, which will surely take him places if continued in the future. Thirudan Police is a good watch for the weekend, as it is an enjoyable film which will surely put a smile on your face.

Taut police.

3 / 5

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