Kaaki Sattai Movie Review

There’s always a time when an actor decides to wander out of his comfort zone and find a place in a film which will both satisfy his fans and shut his critics. In the case of Sivakarthikeyan, comedy has always been his playground. With Kaaki Sattai, the actor tosses a stone at something across the boundary. How has that worked out?


Kaaki Sattai is the latest addition to the long list of honest cop stories in Kollywood. The film follows Mathimaran, as he finds a so called strong case and solves it. Unfortunately, the end product only entertains in parts with nothing new to offer. Director Durai Senthilkumar has a palette of comedy, action, sentiment and romance. But somewhere into the film, the mixing is inappropriate. Here is where the director draws a thin line between a comic cop and a serious one, finally failing to walk the tightrope.

Sivakarthikeyan plays the role of the cop with elan. Fit as a fiddle, the actor never looks out of place in a film with enough action and ‘mass’ scenes. His comic timing and bubbly mannerisms are a joy to watch at all points of the film, as usual. There are a lot of enjoyable pull-ups like selfies, dialogues from other films and even the viral Hara Hara Mahadev Ki which are executed by the star in a superb way. Sadly, it is the characterisation which takes away the excitement from the offering. Sridivya is a doll in this film, and looks absolutely alluring in the flashy costumes and songs. However, her role isn’t meaty in the second half as she is ostensibly absent from the proceedings. While Imman Annachi recites some catchy one liners at times, Vijay Raaz as the villain is pretty ordinary. The rest of the supporting cast are adequate, with a special mention to Prabhu who makes a mark in his role.

Kaaki Sattai is technically so cool, with stunning frame presentation by Sukumar. Be it the songs or the action sequences, the film looks bright and is captured very well on cam. Editing by Vivek Harshan is good, still some more scissors on the runtime would have helped this one. Stunts are neatly done, the rain fight is undoubtedly the pick of the lot. Music by Anirudh is a big plus as the synth themes work superbly with the flow of the film. If not for him, Kaaki Sattai would have been a squirm.

With impressive dialogue writing by Pattukottai Prabhakar, Durai Senthilkumar packs a decent entertainer in Kaaki Sattai. But it does have its limits. The film is made on the tried and tested commercial formula, with little or no big surprises in store. Had the director concentrated on providing a serious cop story in the second half atleast, Kaaki Sattai would have been so much better. What we get now, is fun at places and stale at the others. You can meet Mathimaran, once.

Verdict: Selectively entertaining!

2.75 / 5


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