Uttama Villain Music Review


Loveaa Loveaa: Singers – Kamal Hassan, Sharanya Gopinath, Anitha, Nivas

Ghibran starts off things in wondrous fashion with Loveaa Loveaa, a fast-paced love number. The buzzing chorus is a first of sorts along with the interesting interludes which are drum heavy. Kamal Hassan’s energetic vocals sync so well with the music and are well aided by the other singers. Ghibran has a Telephone Manipol of his own now.

Kaadhalam Kadavul Mun: Singer – Padmalatha

Ghibran brings in Padmalatha of ‘Aruvakaaran’ fame for a solo melody in Kaadhalam Kadavul Mun. Along with a lilting chorus, the singer takes centre stage in a typical Gibran track which impresses with the simple instrumentations.

Uttaman Introduction: Singers – Subbu Arumugam, Kamal Hassan

With a native tune and ethnic lyrics, Subbu Arumugam and Kamal Hassan put together an impactful intro song for the Uttaman. Ghibran must be lauded for the lavish use of live instruments which do help in bringing out the actual essence of the song. The final moment is a scream with the ‘Thangara Thangara’ beat upping the ante.

Saagavaram: Singers – Kamal Hassan, Yazin Nizar, Ranjith, Iyappan, Ghibran

In Saagavaram, you have Kamal Hassan with a handful of supporting singers who work as a chorus. The end result, is a moving track which is packed with sword sounds, innovative musical cues and what not. With added listens, the track grows on you and makes you love it even more.

Iraniyan Naadagam: Singers – Kamal Hassan, Rukmini Ashok Kumar, Performed by Sofia Symphony Orchestra

Kamal Hassan puts his pen to captivating use in Iraniyan Naadagam, a track which is the soundtrack of a live play. Without going off track, the symphony is blended beautifully with the orchestration. Strings, keys and drums come into play in flawless tandem, working its way to a fine finish.

Mutharasan Kadhai: Narrated by Kamal Hassan, Additional Vocals – Yazin Nizar, Ranjith, Iyappan, Padmalatha, Performed by Sofia Symphony Orchestra

This track traverses through the story of Mutharasan, and narrates an episode in his life. Though it is wholly film oriented, the track offers some well panned out music if you lend your ears along with some concentration. Sure to work with the visuals!


Uttaman Kadhai: Narrated by Kamal Hassan, Additional Vocals – MS Bhaskar, Yazin Nizar, Ranjith, Iyappan, Performed by Sofia Symphony Orchestra

With grand musical arrangements and the use of the Uttama Villain theme, Ghibran pulls off a coup in Uttaman Kadhai. After a slow start, the track rises tempo halfway and jolts towards an impressive finish. The song ends with some lighter keynotes, pretty neatly.

Original Soundtracks

The Uttama Villain theme is a fitting theme track for an album of this calibre. With a haunting chant and a surreal mood, this one is a complete winner.

Guru and Sishya is probably the background for the early scenes involving Kamal Hassan and K. Balachander. Decently planned and executed.

Father and Daughter is a simple track which is mostly played out by the symphony instruments. Harmless!

A flute-dominant starts then turns into a fairy-tale jingle in Uttaman and Karpagavalli. Ghibran adds a Disney-like flavour to the song at the end, making it a touch different from the others.

Piano comes into play in Father and Son, where a rather pedestrian tune receives an eerie female hum.

Letter from & to Yamini is a theme which brings forth a lovely aura to the scene. Ghibran has gone places with this one!

Dr. Arpana is a good closing note to the OST from Ghibran, albeit being similar to the other themes.

Summary: Without concentrating on the hit quotient, Ghibran has transcended barriers to provide a sublime OST. The songs boast of innovation, brilliant use of instruments and a striking coherence between the vocals and the orchestration. Uttama Villain is truly gen-next music from the composer!

Verdict: Impressively inventive music!

4.25 / 5

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