Enakkul Oruvan Movie Review

Non-linear narrative films have rarely worked in Kollywood, as they’ve fallen to bad execution, logical loopholes or other blips in the making. Taking the paperwork from the Kannada blockbuster Lucia, Prasath Ramar’s Enakkul Oruvan hits the screens today. Lucia was a complicated film which needed a lot of clarity to be represented, does the remake live up to that?


Enakkul Oruvan follows Vignesh, a torch light shiner who also happens to be an insomniac. The incidents that take place when he goes in search of his sleep is what the film is all about. Taking charge of a multi layered screenplay, newcomer Prasath Ramar has taken immense care to avoid any open turns which leave the audience in a confused spot. Shifting back and forth between two stories, the proceedings never lose their path and stay coherent until the end. Apart from the director’s work, the award worthy editing helps the movie in a huge way, without which there would have been a lot of questions arising in the mind of the viewer.

When it comes to performances, Siddharth walks away with all the glory, as he is absolutely brilliant in the contrasting roles. Showing great variation between the two characters, he manages to pull off both the acts of a star and a low-man easily. Sid can be proud of Enakkul Oruvan, a film worth boasting as his 25th. Deepa Sannidhi isn’t the best pick for this role, but manages to pass muster with her performance. The film has a notable ensemble cast with the likes of Naren, Ajay Ratnam, Srushti Dange etc who put up a good show.

Technically, the film is rock solid with stunning cinematography, music and DI. Gopi Amarnath’s commendable camerawork is evident in the black and white scenes where he aesthetically captures the surroundings without losing focus on the main characters. Editing by Leo John Paul is the linchpin of the film, maintaining a perfect flow in the narration and juxtaposing both the stories in tandem. The beginning of Poo Avizhum Pozhudil is an example of what is being talked about here. The artwork deserves a special mention for bringing in the required aura without spending too much.

Music by Santosh Narayanan is top notch, both in terms of the songs and the BGM. While the songs recieve good visuals, the BGM is nothing less than eerie and haunting, sometimes alarming. Sound designers Vishnu Govind and Sree Sankar have put in their efforts to purify the ambient noises, thereby providing a surreal experience.

Enakkul Oruvan is a convincing product from CV Kumar and team. Almost every individual has put in his best and the result is a positive one. While the slow pace of the film remains an issue for some, a few others may find it confusing and over-the-head. Drawing comparisons to the original, Enakkul Oruvan finds itself a tad behind. However, Prasath Ramar manages to join the dots, making this a film which deserves your eyes. Go watch it. Do not forget your brains.

Verdict: Refreshing cinematic experience.

3.25 / 5

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