OK Kanmani Music Review

On all the instances that AR Rahman and Mani Ratnam have joined hands in the past, the results have always been fruitful. “Mani brings the best out of ARR’ is a line that you may have heard or read on many occasions. The duo are back for OK Kanmani, and here comes an album devoid of a single bad song. They may not be perfect by any yardstick, but there is a high point in every song which makes you wait for it, and in turn put it on repeat. By this point of time, I’ve heard the songs on all the mediums possible – headphones, speakers, on a long drive and what not. Following are my thoughts on the music of OK Kanmani.


Kaara Aattakaara – Shaasha Tirupati, Aaryan Dinesh Kanagaratnam, Darshana

The beginning of the song is a dream. Shashaa Tirupati bowls you over with her vocals, tingling well with the rap of ADK. Whenever the lyrics go ‘Kaara Aattakaara’, your heart does skip a beat, and that is the reason why this song gets so addictive with the passing listen. What could have been done away with is the squeaky gaming bits in the middle of the number, would have loved it even more if this was a straightforward track.

Aye Sinamika – Karthik

Karthik and the guitars couldn’t have asked for a better setting than this one. The rendition is soothing to the core, set to the simple but flawless orchestration. Vairamuthu’s lyrics take centrestage here, one does feel that the gap between the lines are just so that we can exclaim “Too good man, too good.”

Parandhu Sellaa Vaa – Shaasha Tirupati, Karthik

Probably the most cute and quirky track in the album. The essayed music or the naughty voices, everything falls into place beautifully here. However with time, this track might not stay as much as the others will.

Mental Manadhil ( Male ) – AR Rahman

Addictive from the word go. Rahman is back behind the mic, and that happens to be the lynchpin of the track, without a doubt. Mental Manadhil was lovely, is lovely and will be lovely.

Naane Varugiraen – Shaasha Tirupati, Sathyaprakash

If you would ask me to pick one track from this album, it would be Naane Varugiraen. Shaasha Tirupati and Sathyaprakash rule this one completely, the rendition is top level. When Sathyaprakash goes ‘Chinnanjiru Chinnanjiru Ragasiyame,” a chill runs down through your spine. Such quality, is only possible with AR Rahman.

Theera Ulaa – AR Rahman, Darshana, Nikita Gandhi

Oh, how good is AR Rahman here. The Mozart subdues down his voice and makes it sound more like Thaman, than himself. More than anything else, it is the drums that make this one so special. One of the tracks with high shelf life, most probably.

Mental Manadhil ( Female ) – Jonita Gandhi

I wouldn’t say that Jonita Gandhi was the best pick for this number, but nevertheless, the chirps do work in her favour at times. This is the track I liked the least, but it is still far from bad.

Malargal Kaettaen – Chitra, AR Rahman

Chitra and her voice. Pure bliss. Another song where Vairamuthu’s lyrics are in the limelight, stressed upon and crooned beautifully. AR Rahman’s entrance at the end is a big bonus to this already amazing track.

Maula Wa Salim – AR Ameen

Compared to the other Qawwali tracks from ARR, this one stands inferior. Yet, it is a dream debut for AR Ameen, whose chirpy vocals make this worth your time.

OK Kanmani is a soul stirring musical offering from the celebrated duo. While the songs are highly addictive at the moment, their recall value can only be decided with the visuals. After Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaayaa, AR Rahman delivers an album which has been completely put on loop.

Verdict: Packed with wow moments, OK Kanmani is a delightful musical experience.

4 / 5

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