Vaalu Movie Review

After a humongous load of delays, STR’s Vaalu has finally hit the screens today, to the delight of his fans. Unfortunately, the film falls flat in an attempt to entertain, following the tried and tested commercial template which is very familiar to Tamil cinema.


Vaalu is an episode in the life of Sharp, played by STR. The film is a light weighted take at his fun with friends, family sentiments and love handle. From start to finish, Vaalu never takes itself seriously and just wanders, providing the occasional gags. Songs, fights and comedy are contrived into the narrative, delivering the old wine in a new bottle. The saviour here is the presence of few good dialogues mouthed by the STR – Santhanam pair.

With an amazing screen presence, STR carries this film on his shoulders and does his best to hold it from falling over the cliff. He is absolutely brilliant when it comes to dance, as the cherubic expressions work in his favor. Santhanam sways in with a handful of good comic skits throughout the film, but none of them are useful in taking the story forward. Hansika fits the bill of the commercial actress well, performing sufficiently within the cocoon she is provided with. The rest of the cast chip in with an acceptable show.

Technically, Vaalu does well with colorful songs and market fight sequences. Editing is classy, although the team could have worked on cutting down the runtime by a bit. Thaman’s BGM ups the ante in the fight sequences and the songs are quite likable too – good job overall by the music composer. Special mention to the Thaarumaaru number, which is the best part of the film, superbly done with apt costumes and clap-worthy choreography.

Debutant director Vijay Chander’s aim to cook up a fun filled fare, ends up half baked. Vaalu is an ordinary so-called entertainer which is well behind its time. Let’s hope that STR’s second innings gains some momentum in the days to come.

Verdict: Typical fan material.

2 / 5

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