VSOP Movie Review

After a flaky offering in All-in-all Azhagu Raja, director Rajesh returns with his usual brand of comedy to deliver a passable show in Vasuvum Saravananum Onna Padichavanga, his latest product. With no great shakes, the film offers watchable comics which will be of interest to those who are looking to kill their time.


VSOP tracks the love lives of two friends, played by Arya and Santhanam. Holding onto the one-liner about balancing friendship and love, Rajesh spins off a 2-odd hour entertainer which engages to an extent. The film basically moves on from scene to scene, without any rationale. Some jokes work, some don’t. However, the saving grace here is the comradeship between Arya and Santhanam, who pull in the good laughs at regular intervals.

Santhanam is the star of the film, bringing the roof down with his witty quips. His body language and mannerisms are enough to tickle you up, as the man has brought himself back as a comedian through VSOP. Arya on the other hand, plays the non-striker who nicely supports Santhanam and dances around in the songs. Tammanah must be lauded for her efforts to lip-sync her dialogues well, apart from looking gorgeous in her flashy costumes. The definite head-turner here is Vidyu Raman, who is a scream in the second half. Her instantly likable comics truly help VSOP rotate its wheels. Muktha Bhanu and Karunakaran who slide in at places, are decent. Yet, Vishal’s cameo at the end isn’t something to celebrate upon.

Cinematography by Nirav Shah scales some colourful frames, while Vivek Harshan’s cuts do the needful. D.Imman’s music is a big bother, the songs act as nothing but pee breaks.

Though VSOP isn’t a completely entertaining fare, it does manage to pump in a few knee-slappers without making you crib. Rajesh gets some of his form back here, a passable banter show at best.

Verdict: Watchable badinage.

2.75 / 5

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