Looking Back at 2015 – Tamil Favorites of the Year

In succession, 2015 followed its predecessor when it came to the young blood walking ahead to overtake the experienced batch. There was a lot to like, but I also feel it was the year where we found a large number of ‘could-have-been-better’ films. Nevertheless, here is the list of my twenty favourite films of the year. I’ve ranked them according to my liking, and the amount of engage factor I found in them. Read on,


1) Kaaka Muttai

High: Fitting so many socially responsible topics into the lives of two kids, and making it entertaining.

Low: Nothing. That’s why it’s here.

2) Thani Oruvan

High: The antagonist.

Low: The protagonist.

3) Papanasam

High: Perfecting a remake to high levels.

Low: Slightly over-the-top at places.

4) Maya

High: The Hollywood-ish making.

Low: Fails to attain full potential at scoring spots.

5) Uttama Villain

High: Initiated a huge post-watch discussion which excited movie buffs.

Low: The script-to-screen translation faltered a bit.

6) Baahubali

High: The world-class final 40-minute war sequence.

Low: The lethargic first half which suffered from zero plot progression.

7) Yennai Arindhaal

High: Ajith’s guts to accept a role sans any heroism.

Low: The familiarity associated with GVM’s cop trilogy.

8) Kuttram Kadithal

High: Nuances galore.

Low: Went bonkers in the third act.

9) Rajathandiram

High: The surprise package of the year.

Low: The usual drawbacks which come along with a small film.

10) Tamizhukku En Ondrai Azhuthavum

High: The excellent concept.

Low: When one side more interesting than the other, things dip a little.

11) Indru Netru Naalai

High: Treading the unexplored concept of time travel.

Low: Takes time to start.

12) Kirumi

High: The most underrated film of the year.

Low: A partially wavered second half.

13) Isai

High: Vintage SJ Suryah.

Low: It takes 50 minutes to get fired up.

14) Anegan

High: KV Anand’s compelling management of a complex base.

Low: Sometimes, complexity can be a bother.

15) Naanum Rowdy Dhaan

High: Memorable characters all over. And Anirudh’s music.

Low: Dialogue driven comedy, so it doesn’t always work and is repetitive.

16) Uppu Karuvaadu

High: Has just enough in it to show that Radha Mohan still has it in.

Low: The subpar making cycle.

17) OK Kanmani

High: Mani Ratnam getting back to his forte.

Low: Not too big a crux to stress upon.

18) Kallapadam

High: A superbly written, low-cost thriller. K’s music, wow!

Low: The acting chops.

19) Thoongavanam        

High: Kamal Haasan kicking ass, with a superb starcast and Ghibran’s techy music.

Low: Carbon copy of the original.

20) Pasanga 2

High: The intent.

Low: The extent.

Justu Missu: Komban, Demonte Colony, Enakkul Oruvan, Kathukutti, I.


PS: There are a handful of films which released towards the end of the year, and failed to find an international release. They include Eetti, Bhooloham, Oru Naal Iravil and a few more. I am still yet to watch these, so they will not find a place on this list.

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