VVV Movie Review

Vishnu Vishal’s latest offering in Velainu Vandhutta Vellakaaran not only breaches above the minimum guarantee entertainment that director Ezhil usually associates with his films, but also shows us how hilarious comic sequences can be scooped out of formulaic, done-to-death filmy situations. The film is a perfect launchpad for the actor as a mass hero, in order to extend his horizon to the nooks and corners of the state.


Never taking itself too seriously, VVV (as it is being called) presents itself as a straightforward entertainer, with engaging comedy shouldered by two specialists – Soori and Robo Shankar. The wafer thin plot line rarely comes off as a hurdle here as Ezhil adds enough and more attention to how he gets across the scene rather than what he is putting in it, and why. The film does follow a lot of clichés and textbook rules in order to accumulate a pattern, but what makes it click is the accessible comics which thankfully aren’t overdone at any point. Though there are instances where the film slows down – songs for example, and the occasional comic line going for a duck, VVV ends on a cheerful note which helps you with two hours of solid time-pass comedy.

Vishnu Vishal, who has been streamlined to content-oriented films until now, dons a new hat as a producer and simultaneously starts treading new paths towards the mass audiences. He checks most of the boxes when it comes to being the people’s darling. VVV is probably the first time where you will see Vishnu dance in full swing, and perform long and loud comic sequences. Aiding him equally is Soori, who continues his terrific form which he has been holding strong in 2016. ‘Pushpa Purushan’ is something you will hear a lot from now on. Nikki Galrani and Ravi Mariya do the needful and Motta Rajendran is adequate, but the star of the show is undoubtedly Robo Shankar, who brings the roof down with his bombastic body language and dialogue delivery in the second half. In his best since Vaayai Moodi Pesavum, he exhibits a whacky new shade as the MLA gone crazy.

Technical aspects don’t really come to the fore in a film which focusses solely on entertainment, but VVV does have apt costumes which comfortably co-operate with the mood of the film. C.Sathya’s music is quite inventive, though the songs might turn out to be needless in an otherwise rib-tickling affair.

Toting up, Velainu Vandhuta Vellakaaran is a safe first outing for Vishnu Vishal as a both a mass hero and a producer. It packs in a plethora of funny moments along with a solid ensemble star-cast who complement the situations in the film well. Ezhil delivers his best in recent times, for this is a full-fledged entertainer which should go on to click with the masses.

Verdict: A proper stress buster.

3 / 5


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